Grandmother retreat, Fyn 2014

På Sommerens Reatret i Shamanhulen blev jeg vist Kraften i at stå frem som bedstemor/kvinde, Med kærlig visdom, blev jeg vist vejen til at møde kvinder som søstre og se deres visdom og skønhed.
Jeg fik vist betydningen af at give og modtage.
kærlig Hilsen Conny Andersen.
Billi Chris Schanne

 Grandmothers Chriss McBeth, Takanaiya Schanne , Billie Schibler

Grandmother Billie, also known as Purple Harvest Woman, is a Traditional Aboriginal woman from the Crane Clan.

She is a mother of 7 children and a grandmother of 8, one of whom she is currently raising.

As a Pipe Carrier and Ceremony Keeper, Grandmother Billie practices both her Ojibwe & Lakota Traditions. For over 20 years, she has been a Sun Dancer both in Canada and internationally and has conducted ceremonies internationally for the universal healing of Mother Earth and her waters.

Grandmother Billie is a member of the World Council of Elders. She is one of the founding members of the Kookum Ga Na Da Maa Waad Abinoojiiak (Grandmothers Protecting Our Children) Council in Manitoba, Canada, and is a member of the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Council.

Grandmother Billie believes in “working from the spirit” and building capacity within the individual, the family, and the community, by working from a strength-based philosophy. She works to remove the barriers that stand in the way of each individual reaching their full potential as a sacred & spiritual being. Much of her work is focussed on “healing the generation wounds & ghost pain” that many of us carry.

In her travels, Grandmother Billie has met with, and has supported the work and development of several Grandmother Councils. She works specifically from the teachings of Ancestral knowledge and how all of our actions affect up to the next 7 generations.

Grandmother Billie has worked in the helping profession for over 25 years in the areas of Addictions, Child Protection, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Crisis Counselling, Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation, Individual, Family and Community Healing. She was previously a member of the Child Welfare League of Canada and is also a Trainer /Consultant. She is currently on the Natio Grandmothers Chris & Billie began their spiritual journey of working together after they met at a Grandmothers’ Gathering in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. In 2012, they met again on Turtle Island in Montana, USA where they Sundanced together at the World Council of Elders’ International Sundance. Now they continue that journey as they work universally through Grandmothers Circle the Earth.

Grandmother Chris, also known as Whirling Rainbow, is from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Chris has been married to her beloved Noel for 36 years. She is the mother of 2 amazing men and the Grandmother of 3 beautiful young ones.

Chris being born in Aotearoa both knows and loves her land and values all traditions within that beautiful place. Her Ancestral heritage is Celtic – Ireland, Scotland and Keltoi of Northern Europe.

Chris acknowledges all Energies .While Chris totally acknowledges and loves the Feminine Divine she also understands and honours the significance of the Compassionate Male. As both leader and participant she takes part in many Circles and Groups honouring her Traditions, offering Universal Prayer and Ceremony for the Healing of our Great Mother and our Waters

Chris is a member of Aotearoa Grandmothers Circle, Otaki Hakui Circle, Four Directions/Whirling Rainbow Grandmothers Council and has roles within Grandmothers Circle the Earth – one being Travelling Grandmother.

Both in Aotearoa and overseas Chris has assisted others to form their own Circles and Councils supporting those people to “re-remember” their Ancestors – themselves, to develop and grow their traditions. To bring those Practises into their everyday life and she suggests that “… as we all re-remember our unique thread in the Universe of life that we move from the I to the WE – to the Oneness of All “.

Chris has worked in the field of Community Social Work; Women’s’ Centres, Children, specifically aged 5 – 12 years, Single Parent Families and their Children. Chris is currently a Volunteer within Birthright Otaki and has in the past been a member of their National Body. Currently (last 15 years) Chris enjoys work as a Reiki Master Teacher; she is a Crystal Healer, Spiritual Medium and Energy Healer.

Chris first met Grandmother Billie in 2010 at an International Gathering in Aotearoa. While attending this Gathering they also participated in a Powerful Ceremony at the Temple of Four Winds cementing a beautiful and energetic friendship. Chris travelled to Montana USA in 2012 and became a Sundancer with World Council of Elders Sundance

Today they continue that joyful Spiral Dance of life as they work universally through Grandmothers Circle the Earth Travelling Grandmothers.